Workplace Mediation

There are times when the workplace conflict clearly involves a single conflict situation between specific employees. In these cases, workplace mediation is the cost-efficient option of intervention that results in a positive resolution for all involved.

Workplace mediation creates a win-win solution that resolves the issue and transforms the continued working relationship from troubled and disruptive to successful and productive.

Workplace mediation is the optimal means of resolving specific conflicts between employees in the workplace.


Targeted mediation prevents escalation and allows everyone to move forward quickly without continued focus on the disruptive dispute. An experienced workplace mediator facilitates a resolution to the dispute where all parties are in agreement with the conclusion, and thus more likely to adhere to the agreements reached. All for a fraction of the cost of any other intervention (or non-intervention).

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Our commitment at CFR is Peaceful • Positive • Resolution by assisting all parties reach a satisfactory conclusion to the dispute resolution process – preventing the additional stress, cost, and dis-engagement that so often comes with ongoing workplace conflict.

Workplace mediation is a powerful and cost-effective tool to resolve workplace conflicts. Components of an effective workplace mediation are:

  • 100% Neutral – The mediator is not affiliated with the employer or parties to the dispute
  • Supports and promotes an environment of equality among all mediation participants
  • Voluntary and Informed Consent
  • Efficient Targeted Focus – most conflicts are resolved in a single session
  • Affordable and Accessible – Resolution occurs efficiently without the cost of litigation




The workplace conflicts that can be effectively addressed through mediation include:



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