Florida Mediation Services

Our MediatorsCFR, a full service provider of alternative dispute resolution, includes mediation in Florida as part of its coverage area.

With multiple mediator offices, we provide all of Florida mediation services for most any issue, including divorce, family, child custody, business and civil disputes, and workplace conflicts.

Our Florida Mediators

Therapist and attorney mediators who are highly experienced in the field of conflict resolution conduct our mediation services. Our Florida mediators include:

  • An attorney mediator who has successfully mediated hundreds of cases. Prior to relocating to Florida, he practiced law in Connecticut and New York where he also served as a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company and as President of various real estate and insurance trade associations. A state certified mediator, his mediation case interests include divorce, family issues, foreclosure, insurance, condo and HOA, as well as real estate disputes.
  • A PhD (in psychology) who is a certified and registered mediator and arbitrator in Florida. He has mediated internationally, and has successfully mediated hundreds of cases in a variety of arenas, including civil, family, and health care. A published expert, he is NASD registered, Business Insurance Underwriter certified, and an adjunct university faculty.
  • A Master’s degreed dispute resolution professional with over 15 years experience. In addition to conflict resolution, she works as a corporate trainer in employee relations and workplace compliance issues.
  • An experienced dispute resolution professional with Master’s degrees in human resources management and political science. Certified by the Florida Supreme Court in County Civil mediation and is a court-appointed mediator practicing within the Florida 6th Judicial Circuit, her expertise is workplace conflict, elder care, and health care.
  • A PhD therapist mediator with over 20 years experience. In addition to her work as a mediator she is an executive coach for senior military officers and Fortune 500 company executives, as well as an adjunct professor in leadership studies, licensed mental health counselor in private practice and a parenting coordinator for the court system in her county.
  • An attorney mediator with over 20 years experience, he combines his legal knowledge with his desire to promote efficient and effective resolutions through mediation versus litigation. He is a member of the state Bar and Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a mediator.
  • An attorney mediator with over 30 years experience. In addition to his legal and dispute resolution career, he has been a municipal attorney and city manager, published legal author, and adjunct college lecturer.

To access our Florida mediation services and any of our mediators, please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

Florida Mediation Offices

With 40 mediator offices in Florida, we cover most of the state including Tallahassee, Tampa, and South Florida. CFR office locations include: Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Pierce, Holiday, Lake City, Largo, Madison, Melbourne, Miami, Miami Beach, Miramar, Naples, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Harbor, Plantation, Port Richey, Royal Palm Beach, Sabastian, Spring Hill, St. Lucie, St. Petersburg, Sunrise, Tallahassee, Tampa, Trinity, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, and in Dothan, Alabama.

More information about our mediator office locations throughout the US can be found here: CFR Office Locations.

General Florida Mediation Rules

As of now, the State of Florida has not enacted any requirements or guidelines for the practice of mediation. Parties may choose any mediator. A list of certified mediators is maintained by the Florida State Supreme Court those on the list are eligible to receive court referrals.

Divorce Mediation

In Florida, couples who are divorcing can opt to meet with a neutral mediator of their choice to attempt to resolve all of the issues related to the divorce settlement and child custody agreement or parenting plan.

There are no established rules pertaining to who can act as a mediator in a Florida divorce. As is customary in mediation, those in dispute must voluntarily choose the mediator for their divorce.

Florida Specific Information

In Florida, mediation is voluntary, although there some occasions where courts will mandate it. Even in those instances where mandated by the courts, those in dispute voluntarily reach any agreements made. If mediation is not successful, parties always have the right to proceed with litigation.

State courts may order some cases to mediation prior to further litigation, however agreements reached remain voluntary.

Florida Mediation Rules

The Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act (Statute 44.405) recognizes the confidential and privileged nature of mediation in the State of Florida. The confidentiality of the proceedings legally assured through the Act permits those in dispute to freely discuss the issues involved without concern that such discussions will be used against them in future litigation. Furthermore Florida has enacted provisions for civil remedies against any participant in mediation “who knowingly and willfully discloses a mediation communication in violation” of the Act.

Florida has not enacted a statewide certification of mediators or ethical guidelines or standards of practice, although the courts do maintain a certification system for those mediators who wish to receive referrals from the courts. Private mediators can practice without authorization of courts or other judicial bodies.

Like other entities, CFR establishes its own qualifications for certification of mediators. CFR and all mediators follow the established ethical guidelines of the Association of Conflict Resolution. Although there is no statewide grievance procedure, CFR clients who are unhappy with the services of their assigned mediator can request redress by CFR management.

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