Mediation ServicesOur commitment at CFR is Peaceful • Positive • Resolution divorce by assisting all parties through the process – preventing the additional stress, cost, and dis-empowerment that so often comes with a litigated divorce.

Even before the first mediation session, our Mediation Coordinators work with all parties to ensure that the resolution process moves smoothly and is tailored to meet the needs and wishes of both parties.

People look to CFR Mediation to resolve many types of conflicts, including:

Family & Relationship Issues
Civil & Business Issues
Real Estate & Property
  • Foreclosure
  • Neighbor vs. Neighbor
  • Property
  • Real Estate
Workplace & Institutional Issues

Regardless of the nature of dispute, CFR can help.

CFR Mediation assists parties in dispute to identify the issues that need to be resolved and guide them through the decision-making process. Our mediators remain neutral and help facilitate the negotiation in order to reach a solution that is agreeable to all parties.

  • Mediation is risk-free.
    There is no risk in trying to mediate a resolution to disputes, including those that would otherwise result in litigation. All discussion and agreements reached in mediation are voluntary and confidential. In addition the discussion and disclosure made in session is legally protected communication and cannot be used in future litigation (even if the issue is unable to be resolved in mediation). Agreement is at the sole discretion of those in conflict. Everyone involved in the mediation has an equal role in the process and the outcome.
  • CFR Mediators are 100% neutral
    Neutrality is paramount to effective mediation process and we have designed our practice model to ensure mediator neutrality. Our mediators a are not affiliated with either side in the dispute, nor do they provide legal advice or advocate for one side over the other.
  • Mediation is an efficient means of conflict resolution
    Through mediation, most disputes are resolved in a matter of hours, often in a single session. It is such a productive process that conflict resolution becomes an affordable option, removing the cost concerns that can prevent active settlement efforts.

We focus on efficient and effective resolution where parties create a plan that works for them. No one is asked or forced into an agreement. Our mediators focus on areas of agreement and build on them. Parties are assisted in moving from their emotional positions to their shared interests promoting resolution. It is a remarkably efficient process creating win-win solutions for everyone involved.

A CFR Mediation Coordinator is available, at no cost or obligation, to answer any questions that either party may have about our services. Contact us to request to speak to a mediation coordinator; we can schedule a phone consultation at your convenience.

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